Trump administration rescinds Obama-era guidance on race in college admissions

Trump administration rescinds Obama-era guidance on race in college admissions

In that case, the most recent legal precedent on the subject, the Supreme Court affirmed that the University of Texas, like other schools, can take race into account as a factor during the admissions process-a decision joined by Justice Anthony Kennedy. To remove the guidances now can only be described as a political attack on efforts to bring communities together and as a policy of separation and division. The Trump administration signaled Tuesday that it planned to reinstate the Bush philosophy. "The world that today's students are going to be thriving in is diverse, interconnected, and global". With Trump expected to announce his nominee next week, the issue should be a central part of any confirmation process, said Howard University School of Law Dean Danielle Holley-Walker.

The Trump administration plans to rescind some of the guidelines set by the Obama administration regarding the use of race in college admissions, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. It has been criticized as working to undo affirmative action measures that support historically disadvantaged minority groups. "It would be wise to consider if their use of race is likely to be something that the courts of the future will be likely to uphold", Clegg said.

In addition, Harvard University's use of race in admissions has come under scrutiny in a federal lawsuit that alleges the school has discriminated against Asian Americans.

'This is not a change in the law. or a ruling from the Supreme Court.'
President Barack Obama's policies interpreting those rulings sought to show schools and colleges how they could use race voluntarily in the interest of promoting diversity.

Despite the administration's skepticism of race-based policies, Kleinman said she has seen no less cooperation from the Justice Department in active desegregation cases. They concluded that the Supreme Court "has made clear such steps can include taking account of the race of individual students in a narrowly tailored manner."...

Outside parties will be filing briefs in the Harvard case in the coming weeks.

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More importantly, this new regulatory reform epitomizes AACE's success as a broad-based network with an impressive record of advocating educational equality for all American students, especially Asian-Americans who have been disproportionately hurt by discriminatory admissions practices, it said.

Harvard denies any discrimination and has argued that its admissions rate for Asian-Americans has grown by 29 percent in the past decade.

The policy shift comes at a pivotal moment in the long-running affirmative action debate.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration said that the Obama administration's advocacy for a particular policy position was "inconsistent" with the principles for agency guidance.

The administration revived the probe previous year after Obama civil rights officials.

"In furtherance of its agenda of intolerance and discrimination, the Trump administration is once again failing in its responsibility for the well being of all students by tossing aside diversity and inclusion - core American values", Gupta said.

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