Hamilton: Whoever resurfaced Silverstone did the worst job ever

Hamilton: Whoever resurfaced Silverstone did the worst job ever

"I mean, we're all managing, but if someone sticks [with DRS at T1] in qualifying, they're going to crash - so that's kind of why it's an unnecessary kind of danger".

At the start, Raikkonen made a rapid departure from third to dive between the two Mercedes as Bottas struggled uphill and Hamilton took the initiative. He accepted, however, that drivers should carry some of the blame for complaining in the past of inconsistencies in stewards' decisions which had led to a more rigid approach.

"The spirit within the team is stronger than it's ever been", Hamilton said. "We're in for a serious fight which is great for the fans and I hope that we can pull through".

Hamilton will have already turned his attention to the British GP in Silverstone - a race he was won four times consecutively since 2014 - so expect a resurgent Mercedes.

The German driver, who leads by just one point going into the 10th of 21 F1 races this season, clocked the best lap time by 0.187 seconds faster than Hamilton and 0.357 quicker than Bottas. We think that both failures were confined to the items which failed and they are both things which can be replaced without breaking into the sealed areas of the auto which attract sporting penalties. "I've got no time left in the tyres", said Hamilton, aware that a straightforward race win was in peril.

"I just have the feeling that this is a hugely significant session" - David Croft. Before being sidelined by a fuel pressure problem, he had already dropped from first to fourth when Mercedes failed to bring him in for an immediate pitstop after the virtual safety auto had been deployed.

"Some of them, for sure, are easier than others".

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He added: "It's quite hard without knowing the intricacies of other teams, but the one thing you have to do as a team is win as a team and lose as a team, and that's why we don't often - or hardly at all - talk about individuals in success or failure, because that puts an unfair amount of scrutiny and pressure on that individual".

Organisers at Silverstone opted to resurface the entire track layout early in 2018, ostensibly to aid MotoGP riders, but several drivers highlighted the bumpy nature of the circuit in practice.

I said to the team "I'm not going to talk on the radio because people I'm taking something or just take the mic, you know?".

'Everyone in the team will feel a nervousness. "It's how the sport should be in a sense, that you're squeezing more out of the cars and out of the drivers as well so I think it's not a bad thing". Ferrari and Red Bull have lost points. We've had far, far more success than we've had failures and nobody is ideal. I can't predict what will happen but that's not getting in my way'.

"He'd got enough in the tank to see off the challenge to the end of the race".

"I was on the Soft and the Medium tyres today; the Soft felt better than the Medium, and they seem to last - which is impressive if you look at the forces and loads they have to take on this track".

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