Jordan to keep border closed to Syria’s displaced

Jordan to keep border closed to Syria’s displaced

It has remained under opposition control since the war began, but as the Syrian government has strengthened its hold on other parts of the country, Daraa has become a new target.

"I absolutely do not support reconciliation because the Iranian and Russian militias will come in, wanting to slaughter us all", he said of the regime allies.

Al-Assad said earlier this month that he was still pursuing a political solution for Syria's rebel-held southwest, but would use military force if the effort failed.

Russian Federation backs a Syrian government offensive in the southern province of Daraa, which has displaced tens of thousands of Syrians, sending majority toward the closed Jordanian border or the frontier with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

But it is simultaneously brokering talks with rebel towns for negotiated surrenders in a carrot-and-stick strategy that Russian Federation and the regime have successfully used in the past.

Around 164,000 of the displaced people are now close to the Golan heights - an area of Syria now occupied by Israel - while 60,000 are close to the Jordanian border.

But other opposition bodies have rejected the deals.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday there were "divisions among rebel groups" over whether to agree to the terms proposed by Russian Federation.

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A week ago the global organisation said that 160,000 people had been displaced.

Instead, Safadi said Jordan is delivering aid to the displaced and has deployed field hospitals near the border.

Southwest Syria is a "de-escalation zone" of reduced warfare and bombardment agreed by Russia, Jordan and the United States previous year.

Jordan has kept its border firmly sealed, insisting it can not handle any more than the 650,000 registered Syrian refugees it already houses, and has instead sent aid into its war-torn neighbour.

In the major rebel stronghold of Busra al Sham, a powerful military commander who was a negotiator broke ranks with his team and began handing over weapons before reaching a deal. Displaced families could return with guarantees by Russian military police.

Syrian armed opposition said on Wednesday that talks with Russian Federation aimed at a comprehensive cease-fire in Deraa, and Quneitra, in southern Syria, had failed. But the current crisis is likely to result in a far larger number of refugees approaching the Israeli border, Lesch says.

A picture taken on July 4, 2018 from the Golan Heights shows displaced Syrians from the province of Daraa staging a protest calling for global protection, in the Syrian village of al-Rafid, near the border fence with Israel.

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