Georgia woman arrested after cop appears to use coin flip app

Georgia woman arrested after cop appears to use coin flip app

The woman they pulled over said she's dismayed by the officers' coin flip approach.

Body camera video has shown Georgia police officers laughing as they use a coin-flip app to decide whether to detain a woman during a traffic stop back in April. Although the coin landed on tails, the officers arrested Webb anyway.

Sarah Webb was pulled over by Roswell Police Department Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson on April 7 for allegedly speeding past the officers' cruiser in wet conditions. Officer Kristee Wilson suggests that heads should mean arrest and tails should mean release.

Body cam video showed they based their decision on the flip of an electronic coin app. CNN affiliate WSB reported charges against the motorist have since been dropped.

The officers are being dubbed #CoinFlipCops.

Officer Wilson: "This is tail right?"

"Yeah, so release?" Brown responds.

Officer Wilson: "23 (code for arrest)".

DOJ charges 12 Russian intel officers for election hacking
The indictment connects the officers directly to the Russian government, saying they acted in their "official capacity".

Investigators will check whether the officers handled any other arrests the same way.

When Sarah faced court this week, the prosecutor revealed she had seen the video and told her she would not prosecute the case.

According to the police report filed by Brown, Webb was driving around 85 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone.

"They put me in a situation that was really wrong", Webb told ABC News on Friday.

The officer estimated her speed because she didn't have a radar gun. An internal investigation is ongoing.

"I've been a law enforcement professional for nearly 40 years and, again, I was appalled to believe that a police officer would let a flip of a coin be the deciding factor in whether to issue someone a citation or, more importantly, take someone into custody", Grant said.

She said she's still contemplating whether or not to seek legal action after the coin toss that tossed her into jail and into the public limelight.

"It just hurt to know that these people are supposed to be looking out for you and it was a game to them", she said.

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