Fornite Playground mode returns later this week

Fornite Playground mode returns later this week

Or you could just watch a 79-second gameplay trailer, released by Epic Games last September (to promote the "Battle Royale" update) on the official Fortnite channel on YouTube. The challenges include completing 14 matches, dealing 1,000 total damage to opponents, and dancing in front of 10 different birthday cakes. Epic Games has placed birthday cakes around the map with consumable slices next to them.

Players who purchased the original Save the World mode in Fortnite will finally receive their Founder's Pack rewards for Battle Royale. This means that if you have full health and consume a Slurp, you will have nearly full shield with some patience.

The 5.10 update, which rolls out on Tuesday, will add an improved Playground mode with team select options that let you set up squad battles, improve your ATK driving skills, and play around with even more loot.

Good question. Completing the birthday quest line in Save the World will earn you a new hero, Birthday Brigade Ramirez.

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Ever wished you could combine the charm of Lego games with the chaos of Fortnite?

Here's the rest of the patch notes which are, as usual, ridiculously huge. Patch 5.10 has been implemented, though some players are now unable to access the birthday challenges - the official Fortnite Twitter account clarified this would be resolved by 8pm EST (US) or midnight GMT (UK). Also, update 5.10 is going to be the start of the Birthday Event in Fortnite, with new challenges and more.

The description for the weapon reads: Epic and Legendary Rarity that excels at close quarter combats. This will follow the Birthday event that goes live tomorrow, which should make finding the in-game cakes pretty easy. Besides, it's not every day a game that has come to define a genre and take over both gaming culture and the mainstream gets to celebrate its first birthday.

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