Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Wins Majority in Parliament

Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Wins Majority in Parliament

Mr Mnangagwa swept up votes in rural constituencies by huge margins.

The opposition party won in most urban centres.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is by law given up to five days to release the results.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday said he wanted an independent investigation into the killings, and that he is seeking settle differences "peacefully".

He added: "The strategy is meant to prepare [Zimbabwe] mentally to accept fake presidential results". We've more votes than ED.

MDC Alliance supporters demonstrate outside the Zanu-PF headquarters.

Automatic gunfire has been heard all afternoon as troops attempt to disperse protestors.

Several dozen riot police, along with water cannon trucks, were deployed to block the entrance to the building, while protesters sang songs in favour of MDC leader Nelson Chamisa outside the gates. Gunfire was heard and an army helicopter flew in the skies above Harare, witnesses said.

A soldier fires shots towards demonstrators, on August 1 2018, in Harare, as protests erupted over alleged fraud in the country's election.

'Because people are not yet settled, they're thinking of too many things, ' said 65-year-old Chaka Nyuka. "Now is the time for responsibility and above all, peace".

The worldwide community's view on the election is crucial to Harare's efforts to patch up relations after years of hostility under Mugabe and secure the billions of dollars of donor funding and investment needed to rebuild its economy.

But the mood quickly descended into anger as MDC supporters rallied in the city, chanting against the government and burning tyres in the streets.

Zim elections results due at 12.30pm on Wednesday
Mr Mnangagwa faces an unemployment crisis following the collapse of agriculture, hyperinflation and an exodus of investment. If no presidential candidate wins more than 50 per cent of the vote, a runoff will be held September 8.

Ballots are still being counted in the presidential election with results expected to be announced later this week.

"For Zimbabwe to embrace democracy and move on from the past, such practices must stop", the team's chief observer, Elmar Brok, said in a statement released Wednesday.

The MDC leader tweeted: "THANK YOU ZIMBABWE ..."

Mr Mnangagwa, a former deputy president who fell out with Mr Mugabe and then took over from him, has said his showing in the presidential polls was "extremely positive" while urging people to wait for official results.

This has been seen as a pivotal election for Zimbabwe, with citizens expressing hope for change after years of economic malaise and political oppression under Mugabe. "Equally, we hold the party and its leadership responsible for any loss of life, injury or damage of property that arise from these acts of political violence which they have aided and abetted", he said.

Mnangagwa also took to Twitter, calling for calm and urging patience before the results were announced.

The ZEC has not announced the official results.

Live images from Harare show MDC supporters taking to the streets with noise-makers, flags and banners.

MDC supporters have ripped down a Mnangagwa billboard.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has told reporters that Chamisa is "shocked" by the events in Harare.

Protests are evolving as fires appear to have been deliberately started in Harare.

If ZANU-PF wins at least 30 of the outstanding seats it would have a two-thirds majority that would allow it to make constitutional changes without the votes of other members of parliament. Nick Mangwana, ZANU-PF spokesman, stated that the party was happy with the results.

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