Bison Nearly Gores Man Who Taunted Him At Yellowstone National Park

Bison Nearly Gores Man Who Taunted Him At Yellowstone National Park

"Oh God, oh no, no, no, no, no", Jones can be heard saying on the video as the bison comes close to goring the aggressor.

Rangers arrested a suspect on Thursday night, the National Park Service announced Friday.

A month prior, on May 2, a 72-year-old Idaho woman was butted in the thigh, pushed and tossed off a trail by a bison near Old Faithful geyser.

The footage shows a man approach the bison and start shouting and beating his chest.

Yellowstone National Park has seen several animal attacks in 2018, with bison and elks the major culprits. In the span of just under a minute, the gentleman can be seen nearly daring the bison to charge him, which it appeared to do. This time, the bison charges a bit faster and with his horns down - ready to strike. The man stares at the bison for a moment before walking back toward the other cars.

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After quickly dodging another rampage, the man and bison go their separate ways.

"The animals in Yellowstone are wild and unpredictable, no matter how calm they appear to be", the park's website states. During this exchange, Reinke reportedly told rangers he had plans to travel to Glacier National Park next.

It turned out Reinke had been bedeviling National Parks across the region in recent weeks, rangers said.

Reinke's bond was revoked per the request of the Assistant U.S. Attorney on August 2 and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Unlike the "hero" of this story, visitors to the park are advised to remain at least 100 yards from bears or wolves and 25 yards from any other wildlife. These distances safeguard both visitors and the remarkable experience of sharing a landscape with thousands of freely-roaming animals.

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