My Story..

If you’ve taken the time to read any of my page, I figured you should know a little about me. 

Obviously, my name is Tracy. I’m a 25 year old video game playing, book reading, blog writing, small town woman. Ever since I was in about sixth or seventh grade I’ve been obsessed with writing. My best friend at the time use to write stories with me. Which later on I found out is not my strong suit. (I’m working on bettering that.) I did however always keep a diary. It was full of my opinions on random things. As I got older I ran across some blogs and thought, this is it! This is what I should be doing. So here we are! You there, reading what I’ve written on the other side of the screen. Ok, that was creepy. Let me just say how much I do appreciate you if you’ve made it as far as reading this whole page. 

I am taking writing request always. If there a topic you’d like for me to write on or give my opinion on feel free to email me, or find me on social media. All links are in the side bar on this page as well as listed below!


Instagram; @tracynworley_

Twitter; @tracynworley_

-xoxo, Tracy